As a International Professional Book Designer, I can assist you with your front and back cover as well as designing the entire content of your book so it will be ready for the next step, the printer. I have had the honour of working on eleven books for Angus Buchan as well as for Val Waldeck and authors from the USA, Germany, Holland, UK, Cuba, Spain, Australia and SA. So once you have your manuscript typed up in WORD and ready, I will help you with the DTP and all the criteria necessary to complete the Printer Ready PDF’s which you will need.

On average, these are some of the costs you can consider,  depending on your completed work.

Standard Cover Price: R900.00 (eBook / KINDLE)
Standard Cover/Back Cover Price: R2 700.00 (Paperback)
Pages: 0 – 300 pages: R3 900.00 (includes corrections and PDF’s)

Pages: 0 – 200 pages: R2 600.00 (includes corrections and PDF’s)
General Editing and Proof Reading: Negotiable 
Photo Album (and / or) images in the book: Negotiable

CONTACT:  cell: 083 761 0698  

Well done! You have finished writing your book… and you are thinking “Where do I go from here?” Contact me for a personal and informative time of interesting facts you were perhaps not aware of, but need to know. In this consultation time we will cover the following aspects of publishing your book:
How to request your ISBN number for FREE.
What your cover and back cover needs to portray to the reader.
What the inner content of your book should contain.
What the bookstores will be looking for.
What the differences are concerning the SA Print Version, the AMAZON Print Version and the KINDLE Version (Digital).
How to manage corrections via email.
Creating the Hi-Res Printer Ready PDF’s which meet all the specs the printer requires.
What pitfalls to look out for before choosing your printer.
How to organize a Book Launch to promote your book.
Some ideas on how to sell your book.
What homework you will need to do to create sales.

On booking your consultation for a fee of R400.00 per session, I will assist you and give you all the information you need. Avoid all the pitfalls and headaches as you allow me to walk with you on this road to publishing your book.

Contact me for details. 083 761 0698 or email: